K̲aax̱ul Naay

By Kihlgula Gaaya (Severn Cullis-Suzuki), Illustrated by Peter Cook. The Skidegate Haida Immersion Program, 2017

K̲aax̱ul Naay (The Bathroom) cover

One book in a large series of small books, part of a program devoted to recording and recovering the Haida language in Haida Gwaii. Each book focuses on a specific part of the language and culture, featuring a story with text in Haida, with an enclosed CD of an elder speaking the book’s text.

K̲aax̱ul Naay is Haida for The Bathroom. The contents include many of the elements that are part of the experience, from diapers to resupplying toilet paper to hand washing!

Canada Doodles

Canada Doodles

By Megan Radford, Illustrated by Peter Cook. Gibbs Smith, 2014

A fun doodle book for kids of all ages! Explore famous sites and secret silliness of Canada by complete the illustrations on each page! From buskers at Granville Island to bears in the snow at Gros Morne National Park, from the top of the CN Tower to where grolar bears come from, finish the picture—your way!

Canada Recycles

Canada Recycles

By Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki. Scholastic, 2012

This book (part of the Canada Close-Up series) explores the concept of recycling as well as a general overview of the recycling industry in Canada. It covers how people can help by using the “three Rs”, and real-world problems and other issues with recycling.

Short-listed for the 2012 Lane Anderson Award Canadian Science Book Prize.

Clueless in the Garden book cover

Clueless in the Garden

By Yvonne Cunnington, illustrated by Peter Cook.
Key Porter, 2003

A detailed guide to gardening for beginners. Full of instructive diagrams, techniques and pen & ink drawings of gardens featuring specific plants.

Why Animals Show Off cover

Why Animals Show Off

By Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki, with paper sculpture illustrations by Ron Broda.
Scholastic, 2003

Introductory science picture book for Kindergarten to Grade 2, illustrated by renowned paper sculptor Ron Broda. Discusses the many ways animals can show off in nature, and the fascinating and dangerous reasons they might want to!

Shortlisted for the CSWA Science in Society Book Award.

The Dog Rules book cover

The Dog Rules

By William J. Thomas, illustrated by Peter Cook.
Key Porter, 2000

A collection of humorous newspaper columns by a features columnist and raconteur, whose border collie reportedly had a mind of its own.

Born Smart? book cover
Born Smart? book cover
Born Smart? online cover
Born Smart? online cover

Born Smart?

Written and illustrated by Laura Suzuki and Peter Cook.
Scholastic, 1993

A 114-page non-fiction graphic novel, hosted by an Australian mallee fowl father-and-son duo. The book explores whether animal behaviour is a product of instinct or learning, and the role evolution plays in it. Originally illustrated in black and white halftones, Peter and Laura reacquired the rights and in 2009 it was coloured, improved, and given new life (in both English and French) at Doodle of the Week. Originally published in English, Québec French, and Chinese (Taiwan).

The Did You Know… Series

Written and illustrated by Laura Suzuki and Peter Cook. Edited by Dr. David Suzuki.
General Publishing, 1990-1991

This four-book science question-and-answer series (from the pre-internet days!) explores the world in cartoon form, one question and answer per page. This entertaining series covers all the major fields of science, from medicine and biology to chemistry and physics.

David Suzuki Asks Did You Know…About Insides and Outsides? cover
David Suzuki Asks Did You Know…About Shapes and Sizes? cover
David Suzuki Asks Did You Know…About Food and Feeding? cover