Best of Inktober 2014


Here’s a selection of favourites from my daily drawings for Inktober 2014. Click to enlarge.

The Evolution of Death

Robotic Tortoise and Hare

The Day the Moon Decided You Were To Blame




Sponsored pig on a penny-farthing

Raven on Bust of Pallas Athena, quothing Nevermore


The Cow-Moon Trilogy

Recently, I got a chance to revisit an older piece of mine in the best possible by creating two more finishing off a trilogy!

The original illustration :

Cow with Rocket strapped on, holding a lit map, with basic plans and a large moon overhead
To the Moon!, aka Holstein Hoist

And now, the continuing exploration of the relationship between the bovine and lunar:

Sinisterly happy cow holds sceptre as laser beam behind cracks open the moon in the sky
The Future is Cow!, aka Red Angus Attack

Large black cow in leather with sword on back stand in a wasteland, with shattered moon in sky.
Post-Apocalypse Cow, aka Highland Horror


New Book!

Canada Doodles

Just as spring hits, there’s a new book out that I illustrated, called Canada Doodles! Written by Megan Radford, it’s a book full of half-completed cartoons for you, the reader artist to finish!

It’s part of an entire series of doodle books put out by Gibbs Smith—but this one has exactly 150,000 times more Canada in it than the others!

Get it at your local bookseller, or try one of these:

Chapters/Indigo (Canada)
Amazon Canada
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon France
Amazon Germany
Amazon Japan


Shortlisted for Lane Anderson Award

While this isn’t directly related to the drawing side of my life, an award nomination is always worth mentioning!

My latest book, Canada Recycles, which I co-wrote with my wife Laura Suzuki, has been shortlisted for the Lane Anderson Award in the Young Readers category! The Lane Anderson Award celebrates the best science writing in Canada, and we’re delighted to be included in such company. There’d never been a book detailing recycling in Canada—and books about other regions were written years ago—so this project demanded a lot of primary source research to discover the current state of recycling of a variety of materials in Canada. It’s nice to be noticed: this sort of thing takes a lot of time to talk to the folks on the front line, assemble and then write in a friendly—and accurate—way.

So thanks to the Lane Anderson committee for putting us on the shortlist!


Back in the Studio

Not that I actually went far. But this space is new and there’s been a lot of things going on outside the studio, so it’s nice to be back. Let’s get to it, shall we?